Scales 101

What is a Guitar Scale?

Scales (on any instrument) are comprised of repeating patterns of specific notes played in a specific sequence. Different notes played in different sequences comprise different scales.

In the Western tradition of music, each key and mode is comprised of a specific set of notes. When the notes of a given key and/or mode are played in succession from one octave to the next, a scale is said to have been played.

Why Learn Guitar Scales?

Scales comprise the basic building blocks of all melodic phrases. If you are a guitar player and aspire to be able to play lead, improvise in specific keys, and/or write your own melodic phrases and songs, then you will HAVE to learn scales at some point. Fortunately there are a number of benefits to learning scales in addition to those already delineated. They include:
  • Improving finger dexterity,
  • Improving one's "ear" for music,
  • Gaining a better understanding of theory,
  • Gaining an enhanced understanding of music in general,
  • Obtaining the ability to make clean, pleasant sounding musical phrases,
  • Increasing one's ability to improvise and solo,
And much more…

How Does One Learn Scales?

There are a number of great resources online and offline for learning scales. Scale books, fretboard sticker sets (with the scale printed on them), scale charts, and other visual cue devises are essential to learning scale patterns. The other essential ingredient is practice, practice, and more practice.

This website provides a number of resources for helping you to learn scales. You can view the related articles section for some links to helpful information, or if you are ready to take learning scales more seriously, you can purchase a variety of products on this website, including fretboard sticker sets (Manufactured by Fret Daddy), scale books, and scale charts.

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